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Week 1 of the 2014-15 Season Posted Free!!! (look left)

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In addition to the 60% Guarantee and 100% refund, also consider the lower priced option for what's called the 60/60 service. If we don't finish at 60% or higher, the customer recieves a 60% refund of fees paid (reduced fee is $225)!

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All Week 1 Selections for the 2014-15 Season Will Be Posted Here for Free! First Official Selection: Colorado State/Colorado UNDER 58.5

Selections for 2014-15 Football Season!

8/29/14 - Colorado State/Colorado UNDER 58.5

About Us

60 Percent Guaranteed was founded by three professional bettors who have been making a great living over the past decade. The 2012-13 season was not kind to us, as we finished at a disappointing 49.4%. Prior to last year we had a three-year stretch with a 67.5% winning percentage. Last year was a very tough year in pro football, but as always, we learned some valuable lessons that we'll use to our advantage in the future. We do not use a star-based system, nor moneylines. These are against-the-spread picks only. All we care about is making sure we reach 60 Percent Winners against the spread. If we reach that mark, everyone will be happy and we’ll do it again next year!


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Feel free to contact us with any questions about the process or the guarantee… we do strive to respond to all email inquiries within 24 hours. We’re looking forward to making some cold hard cash this season & hope that you’ll join us:

Everyone knows, ourselves included, that maintaining a high winning percentage over time is very unlikely. But we strongly believe that 60% can be done year in and year out, and that’s what you’ll be getting when you join us for the upcoming football season. You’ll get plays released via email and text message each wee, with guaranteed updates every Saturday at 11 a.m. EST and Sunday by Noon EST. We are going back to our original philosophy for 2013-14, which is to be VERY selective. Over any given weekend (Thursday - Monday), we will not release more than six (6) selections. Period!

Our fees are simple and are the most affordable in the industry:  $19 per week!

20 weeks of football X $19 per week  = $380 for the entire season! Approximately 80 plays over the course of the season….GUARANTEED 60 Percent Winners!

Let’s break it down – If we release 120 plays this season, we need to get at least 72 Winners (72-48 = 60%). If we were to hit 71-49, still a 59.1% winning percentage, all customers will receive a full refund of all fees paid. The TOTAL COST for the season is $380. Sign up by August 25th and take advantage of the Early Bird pricing specials! Save $80 on the full season w/ 100% refund or $25 on the 60/60 Package!

We guarantee that you won’t find another offer this good anywhere else….60% winners or a full refund!! Guaranteed results or your money back! Hey, if we can’t make you some money, we don’t want your money. We want happy customers, so we guarantee our results or you receive a full refund after the season. No IFs, ANDs, or BUTs. What have you got to lose??  At 60 Percent Winners Guaranteed, everyone’s a winner!

Let’s face it. You don’t know us, and you’re taking a leap of faith by joining us for the season. We realize that and that’s why we feel an ulitmate responsibility to succeed, so that YOU too can succeed. And in life, true guarantees are few & far between. But this is one that you don’t want to pass up. If we don’t live up to our side of the bargain, providing YOU with at least 60% winners for the 2013-14 football season, we refund EVERYTHING so it’s as if you never paid a dime! Even if we finish at 57 or 58%, even though, you still profited, you get the full REFUND! This is no joke! We don’t want your money unless we help you win 60%!

In order to qualify for the guarantee & refund, customers must be on board for every week of the season. For example, you cannot purchase picks in 11 or 12 weeks and base the winning percentage only on those picks. All picks must be paid for prior to the official release of the plays.